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America’s best selling iced tea brand we carry an assortment of flavours;

- Arnold Palmer; Made with natural cane sugar, this mixture of half lemonade and half iced tea will be sure to quench your thirst and revive the senses after an exhausting day

- Mucho Mango; Wanna bring the taste of your tropics to you? Then try the Arizona a mucho mango, with “mucho” natural mango flavour, this drink will leave you feeling like you’re on a beach

- Watermelon; the refreshing taste of summer now in a can, Enjoy the watermelon flavour without any of the seeds.

- Raspberry Tea; Classic Tea flavour with a refreshing berry twist

- Iced Tea with Lemon;  The flavour that out this brand on the map, black tea with a refreshing citrus twist

- Classic (Ginseng & Honey Green Tea)